Client Access

With our unique experience in the use of web-based technology, SPI Marine is able to offer unparalleled connectivity to our clients.

Introduced 6 years ago, ShippingDesk is a secure web-based marine logistics and data management system, which enables SPI Marine to programme and nominate shipments on-line and manage all stages of the shipping process from the forward planning through the post-fixture stage until completion of delivery.

The entire shipping process is conducted on-line and the customer has a transparent up-to-the-minute view of all relevant shipment data together with a complete audit trail. All stakeholders in the bulk shipping chain are provided with live access to relevant details with ShippingDesk as the single point reference to coordinate all activities.

Use of ShippingDesk technology supports our day-to-day activities, ensuring deadlines are met and we are able to provide the customer with prompt and accurate analysis of demurrage and all aspects of shipping performance.

Request an account or log into ShippingDesk to track your shipments or to view market information.